Our Mission:  Water and Agriculture.  It is our objective to empower men, women and children with better opportunities for tomorrow.

So you want to know about Partering4Africa (P4A)?! Great, let us tell you!

P4A is a non-profit organization, registered 501(c)3, focused on uplifting African communities out of poverty. We do so via providing 4 necessities: Health, Water, Education, and Agriculture. We know that without any one of these four pillars, a community will never rise above poverty. Thus, we implement all valuable entities to ensure that communities have the opportunity to become self-sustaining. (To know more about each and every one of our projects, please visit our projects page!)

In addition to our health, water, education, and agricultural projects, we also help to empower women via education, micro-finance businesses, and outreach programs. We are happy to work with The DivaCup and Days for Girls to ensure that women have equal opportunities to rise above poverty by receiving the educaiton they deserve!  

P4A is extra special and we want you to know why so that you jump on board with us! The reason is this: we are the true definition of non-profit. We ensure that 100% of all donations go to our overseas projects in Uganda. Yes, this means that the P4A board works voluntarily, funds their own overseas trips, and hosts fundraisers on their own dime! This is not just because we are dedicated to what we do, but because we are passionate about fulfilling our mission and determined to do just that. 

Lastly, P4A is all about raising awareness and educating you about what is going on in the world today. Have you heard the phrase "ignorance is bliss?" Yea? So have we. However, we choose not to remain ignorant or naïve to the problems abroad. Rather, we are diving in head first to help end poverty and we want you to help too. In fact, we are so dedicated to spreading the word about who we are and what we do, that we will come to your community and tell everyone all about us. Just email us, and we will be there!

Why We Help in Uganda (and why you should too!)

Uganda Facts at a Glance

  • 27th poorest country in the world 
  • GDP 2,100 (2015)


  • Population 32,369,558
  • 50% 0-14 years
  • 47.9% 15-64 years
  • 2.1% over 65 years

Mortality Rate

  • Infant Mortality Total: 64.82 deaths/1,000 live births
  • Life Expectancy at Birth: 52.72 years


  • School life expectancy is 10 years
  • 57.7% of women are literate, 76.8% of men are literate 
  • Secondary school participation: 16.2% male, 18.7% female (unicef.org)
  • Avg # of years of school for an adult ranges between 3rd and 5th grade
  • 56% of those who attend school graduate p1-p7
  • 12% of those who attend school graduate with a secondary degree equivalent to grade 13

Water & Sanitation

  • 8 million people in Uganda do not have access to safe water^
  • Over 4,000 children die every year secondary to diarrheal disease caused by unsafe drinking water and poor sanitation^
  • Over 80% (32 million) of the population in Uganda lacks a safe place to go to the toilet^
  • 81.5% of Ugandans do not have hand washing facilities**
  • Only 85.5% of people have access to a pit latrine**

Health (2009)

  • In the top 10 countries in the world for prevalence of HIV/AIDS
  • In the top 8 of countries in the world for people living with HIV/AIDS (1.2 million)
  • In the top 8 countries of people to die from HIV/AIDS
  • 50% of Ugandans don’t have access to even the simplest of drugs and medications


  • Number of people living with HIV (all ages): 1,500,000
  • Deaths due to AIDS (all ages): 28,000
  • Number of orphans due to AIDS (0-17): 660,000
  • Estimated antiretroviral treatment coverage (adults ages 15+): 57%
  • Estimated percentage of pregnant women living with HIV who receive antiretroviral medications: >95%


*Facts taken from CIA World Fact Book/NationMaster.com and pepfar.gov

**Uganda Bureau of Statistics