Summer 2015

Posted: Feb 17, 2016

In July of 2015, two teams embarked on a journey to Uganda. The first team, led by Pastor Rick Cook, left almost a week before the second which was led by Bob Schooley and Rene' Marburger. As a member of the second team, most of my information is about that trip, although I understand we followed a similar path to the first group's venture. We visited two main villages, Akwamore (my spelling of which is questionable) and Lugala. In Akwamore, we worked with Pastor John Kokas, a dear friend of P4A. We supplied the community with eye glasses, toothbrushes, and funding to build their school. In Lugala, we also provided eye glasses as well as support for a school. In Lugala, the biggest challenge comes not with finding money for the school, but finding support. We did a great deal of work within the community in an effort to establish the importance of education and community involvement in the schooling of their children. We hired a new headmaster, Joseph Zalambi, who was trained by the government and who will in turn train the teachers hired by the Lugala school. The trip was very successful, we accomplished a lot considering we only spent a total of two weeks in country. We are still in contact with Joseph Zalambi and Clementina and continue to receive updates on the progress of the school.