100% of your donations will go directly to the cause you passionately support. P4A ensures that you are aware of the change you create in Africa.

We want you to see the difference you are capable of creating. We know the impact a simple chicken can have on one family, how life changing a well is for an entire community, and how a garden can provide hope for an entire school. We want you to feel and see the impact you can have with our African friends. Therefore, after every trip to Africa we follow-up with our donors and send them pictures, video clips, and field trip reports. So donate now, and feel the impact you are capable of creating.

Donate to

  1. Administration Funds
  2. General Funds
  3. Agriculture Projects
  4. Water Projects
  5. Health Care Projects
  6. Education Programs

*Is there a specific project you would like your donation to go to? Just let us know, and we will make sure it happens!

*Please note that we greatly appreciate donations to our administrative fund. Because we embody the true meaning of non-profit, the board personally finances all administrative finances (postage, brochures, wiring expenses, etc). Thank you for your support!