The mission for P4A is to empower our friends in Africa by helping them become self-sustaining in the areas of Health, Water, Education, and Agriculture.  It is our hope that we will provide our friends with opportunities for a better tomorrow.


Agriculture is essential and vital to African life. That is why P4A has many projects that help sustain African agriculture. These projects include facilitating the growth of chicken farms, goat programs, ox teams, piggeries and coffee bean planting. Read More


58% of Ugandans do not have access to clean drinking water and lack proper sanitation. P4A helps resolve this problem through building protected springs, wells and pit latrines. Read More


Uganda is ranked one of the top 10 countries in the world for prevalence of HIV/AIDS. Also, it is noted that 50% of Ugandans do not have access to basic medicine and health care. P4A helps address these issues by building medical clinics, donating medicine, and providing medical relief.

By contacting USAID in Washington D.C., P4A has also helped by getting 100s of people ARVs who weren’t receiving them due to a bureaucratic snafu that cost lives. Read More


30% of Ugandans over the age of 15 are illiterate. In an effort to reduce this number, P4A builds schools, donates supplies, provides money to train new teachers and sends students to African Universities.

Facts taken from CIA World Fact Book/ Read More